Contract Rice Farming Scheme is another investment scheme from Circum Farms that allows you to farm and own your rice without actually owning a farmland or engaging in the farming operations.


Circum Farms owns over 1,000 hectares of farmland in Makurdi, Benue state dedicated to the farming of rice. Thus, for the CRFS, we provide the farm land,
and handle the farm operations while you just fund the farming requirements according bags of rice you would want at harvest.


It is effective and efficient:
It is more cost effective to farm your rice than to buy your rice: With CRFS, you would be farming and owning your desired rice bags at a cost rate, plus a
little premium, that is altogether significantly less than the current market price of rice bags in the market.
It is more efficient to farm your rice without farming your rice: With CRFS, your money works for you through us providing the farmland and executing the farming process so that you can carry on with your normal life unperturbed.
CRFS allows you to be like the child of a restaurant owner who carries on being a child, playing. Whilst the child never cooks, the child never lacks a plethora of food.


Circum Farms is a farm management organization established to build well- structured mechanized farms that are focused on achieving optimal agricultural food production in a timely, safe, sustainable and economically efficient manner.
We position ourselves as an epitome of sustainable, productive and profitable farming building, managing, organising, operating and transforming fertile land
areas into well-structured mechanised farms with the objective of achieving maximum, sustainable production and profit.

Over the years, we have succefully executed similar  schemes sure as PRAIS 1, PRAIS 2, CIFS 2020, CIFS 2021, CIFS 2022.


  • Download package below  and fill the CRFS form  wherein you’d capture the volume of harvest you so desire and the corresponding total investment amount
  • Fill the cooperative membership form in order to join the Circum Farms corperative, the platform through which Circum Farms is powering this scheme.
  • Deposit your investment in the designated bank.
  • Submit your proof of payment along with the filled application forms for the scheme and cooperative, as well as the signed agreement to or via whatsapp to 07025449502


  • 2.5  tonnes per hectare (yield guarantee)
  • 7 months farming period (15th June. 2023 to 15th January.  2024).
  • Application opens from 15th May to 31st of May, 2023. Scheme kicks off from 15th June. 2023.
  • Minimum investment:  7,250,000 million naira for 10 hectares Rate: N 725,000/hectare
  • Backed by insurance.